About Our Hoops

Sacred Shape hoops are made to order by hand in Mendocino, California. Learn more about our company here. For more information about tubing used, please see our Choosing a Hoop page. To see the various tapes we use to add bling to our hoops, check out the Hoop Tape Options. For other information and questions, see our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us. Learn more about the features that make our hoops unique below.

Collapsible Travel Hoops

Our collapsible travel hoops feature a push-button design to break each hoop into three (Triad) or four (Quad) pieces for travel. The pieces can then be easily carried in a bag or strapped together. Currently we ship only collapsible travel hoops, solid full hoops must be picked up locally.

Fire Hoops and our Flexi-Wicks

Sacred Shape Fire Hoops are constructed with our flexible, removable wicks. Fabricated with stainless steel cable, our Flexi Spines are sturdy, holding up for hundreds of burns. They also easily screw in and out of the hoop, so you may transform you fire hoop into a practice hoop at any time for more versatility. Wicks are also completely replaceable. All Fire Hoops also feature aluminum push-button connectors for collapsible travel

Flexi Wicks are available in two sizes to best fit every hooper’s needs. Large Felxi Wicks have over 4 feet of kevlar with a burn time of over three minutes (burn times depend on type of fuel and spin speeds). Small wicks are half the size but burn for almost as long, reducing the weight of your fire hoop significantly.

Below is a video demonstration of our Flexi Spine wicks.

Custom Orders

We offer many ways to customize our dance hoops, fire hoops, and kids’ hoops, but if you want something you don’t see available, please contact us and we will see what we can do to create the hoop of your dreams!

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