The hula hoop has come a long way from the 60’s.

Today we call it “Hooping” or “Hoop Dance.”

Incorporating many forms of dance and dynamic tricks, it has developed into an art form and a community has grown around it. Hooping is also a great low impact workout. The hoops of today are made larger and heavier than they used to be. This allows the rotation of the hoop to slow down, creating more room for dance and movement.

Kelsie Hubik aka Kelsie Starchild is the Hoop Mama at Sacred Shape, designing and building each custom hoop by hand on the Mendocino coast in California. She has been hula hooping and teaching hoop dance for almost ten years. She has had the pleasure of organizing a local hoop group, teaching one on one and small group workshops at festivals and gatherings. Through the years, she has developed an intuitive style of teaching hoop, one that promotes body awareness and positive body image.

Kelsie Fire Hoop

Kelsie inspires adults and children to find their playful side, to play and enjoy the beauty in life.

Hooping echoes the movement of the planets, the universe and even the shape of our DNA. It reminds us of the cycles of life and rhythms that are comfortable to us. Many people find meditation in this circle.

Beach Hooping at Holi

Sacred Shape Hoops are lovingly hand crafted with the intention that they bring joy, health and transformation to those who dance with them. They are made from high quality tubing which gives them the weight and strength modern hoopers require. Choose many tape styles, colors, and sizes to help design a hoop that fits you. All of the hoops are hand made, insuring you have a unique piece of art.

We wish to spread the joy of hooping, to increase health and to better the lives of every body!

Hoop with a View