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Tutorial: 10 Minute Ab Work Out with Deanne Love

New Product! Kevlar Sleeves

Check out this HOT new product at Sacred Shape.  This is something every fire spinner needs to have in their fire kit.  Most fire spinning burns happen on the forearms, These sleeves protects the wrist and forearms, and are heat and flash resistant.  The sleeves are ever-fashionably black, and have a thumb-hole to help keep the sleeve […]

Shiny Silver tape with little circles

We are pleased to announce a new tape! SPIRO. This tape is in our Exotic Tape Section. To check out other tapes available click here.

We are pleased to announce a new tape option.

Orange Mirror Tape

Orange Mirror

Orange Mirror

Also  be sure to check our tape gallery for all of our available tape options.

Now Available: Aqua Mist Glitter Tape!

Aqua Mist Glitter

This eye catching sparkle tape is translucent and looks amazing on all types of hoops!

Tutorial: Lasso – Lift Up From Waist

Tutorial: Hoop Boot Camp – Easy Hoop work Out

Tutorial: Cardio And Leg Toning Hula Hoop Work Out

Tutorial: Hinge Transitions with Deanne Love

Tutorial: Tantra and Body Rolls with Shakti Sunfire

Bruising: How To Treat It and Why It Hapens

New hoopers commonly develop bruises. Learn why you get them, how to prevent them and how to treat them in this article from written by Philo Hagen at