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Traveling with Hoops

It’s easy to pile your hoops in the trunk or the back seat to go to a local spin jam or festival, but what about bringing the hoop love with you when you fly? I went to Envision Festival in Costa Rica recently and explored Costa Rica and Nicaragua for a month – there was […] Launch Party Fire Performance

We had a wonderful launch party for the web site at the end of September here on the Mendocino Coast, and the highlight of the evening was our fun fire performance! But somehow we forgot to post the video of the performance on the site until now; it’s been a busy fall! Here is the […]

And We’re Live!

Hello world, has launched and we are excited to be offering hoops online for sale! We are celebrating the launch of the site with a party in Caspar, CA on the Mendocino Coast this Friday, September 27th, at 7pm. There will be door prizes, raffles, plenty of space to hoop and dance, music from […]