Hoop Maintenance

Hoop Care Tips

  • From use, decorative hoop tapes will wear over time and may eventually require replacement. To maximize the longevity of the tape, hoop on grass and soft, natural surfaces as much as possible.
  • Keep your hoops away from moisture, tapes can lose their stickiness when wet.
  • Excess heat can soften the plastic of the hoop and cause warping. (the sun can be very hot! and don’t forget how hot it gets in the car!) If the hoop warps, lay it flat in the sun until the hoop warms slightly.
  • The best way to store your hoop is to lay it flat. If you hang your hoop, use two hooks instead of one to avoid it warping out of shape. If you must lean your hoop against a wall, you risk developing a flat spot on the bottom. Rotate the hoop frequently to avoid flat spots (especially important in hot weather).
  • To clean your hoop, you can occasionally wipe it down with a damp washcloth and mild soap.
  • Don’t fret too much about it, the more you use your hoop the more you learn, the more your hoop will wear, it’s natural. Sacred Shape can renew your hoop for a small fee, just contact us.

Fire Hoop Tips

  • Avoid holding hoop vertical and motionless while on fire, heat from flame may warp hoop.
  • Avoid any direct impacts with the wick, such as hitting it on the ground while attempting jumps.
  • Always use Fire Safety.
  • Check hoop and wicks every time before soaking in gas for any damage, loose parts or anything that may cause injury. Never hoop with a damaged fire hoop.
  • Trim any frayed strings on wicks, this will help your wick wear more evenly.
  • Keep the base of the wicks oiled (the area that screws into the hoop, below the nut). If wicks become hard to screw in to hoop, apply a SMALL amount of oil to the base of the wick. You should do this about every twenty burns or as needed.
  • Use white gas only (Coleman Camp Fuel).

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