How to Choose a Hoop Size and Weight

Before you choose your hoop size and weight you must first understand the physics of the hula hoop. The larger the hoop, the more slowly it orbits around your body. Our large hoop (41 in.) is recommended for beginners.

The smaller the hoop, the faster it will rotate. Smaller hoops (medium, small, and extra small) are recommended for more intermediate and advanced hoopers.

We suggest you step down gradually from large to medium and then small, allowing plenty of practice time on each size.

We also make Kids’ Hoops for the wee little hoopers!

Hoop Sizes

Sacred Shape hula hoop sizes are measured by inside diameter:

  • Large – 41″ = Beginner
  • Medium – 37″ = Intermediate
  • Small – 35″ = Intermediate / Advanced
  • Extra Small – 32″ = Advanced
  • Kids Size – 32″ = Children’s

Tubing Options

We carry several types of tubing to best fit many hooping needs.

  • 1″  HD Tubing = Beginner
  • 1 ” HDPE Tubing = Beginner / Intermediate
  • 3/4″ Poly Pro Tubing = Intermedite / Advanced
  • 3/4″ HDPE Tubing = Kids Hoops

Choosing Hoop Weights

The heavier, larger black tubing, HD,  is best for beginners and hoopers wanting to burn extra calories. The weight of the hoop allows you more awareness of where and when to push to keep the hoop up. This tubing is best when used for core hooping or on-body hooping. Often the weight of this tubing will help you to learn a new trick by actually slowing down the spin of the hoop, enabling you to perform said trick.

The lighter white tubing, HDPE andPolyPro, is best for intermediate to advanced hoopers or hoopers that like a lighter hoop, as well as being the best choice for the kids (3/4 in. HDPE). This tubing is better for reversals and off-body tricks. Polypro has become many seasoned hoopers’ favorite tubing because it is super light and very rigid, offering quick, tight response.

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