Hoop Tape Options

We offer many colors and finishes of tape on our hoops. You’re welcome to pick your favorites and we will custom make the hoop of your dreams. We also do the best to update this page when a tape is out of stock. Sometimes we may be temporarily out and may need to contact you to replacing it with another color of your choice .

Gaffer Tapes

Gaffer Tape is what gives our hoops grip, helping them adhere to your body as you play. They are recommended for all hoops. We offer various colors in 1/2 inch and 1 inch widths.

1 inch Gaffer Tapes are available in: blue, white, yellow, red, forest green, teal, fluorescent green, fluorescent pink, fluorescent yellow, purple, orange, black and tan.

1/2 inch Gaffer Tapes are available in: orange, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent pink, florescent green, black, teal, purple, blue, forest green, red, yellow, white and tan.

Glitter Tapes

Holographic Tapes

Exotic Tapes

Exotic tapes are dazzling, these are some of the most popular tapes. These tapes cost an additional $5.

Mirror Tapes

Vinyl Tapes

Vinyl tapes are used primarily on kids hoops. These tapes are our value tapes, with the same fun colors! We use a small amount of vinyl tape to reduce the cost of the kids hoops, making them more affordable.

1 inch vinyl tapes are available in black, gray, olive, royal blue, fluorescent green, mint green, fluorescent yellow, cherry red, orange, peach, fuschia, sky blue, orange, yellow, coral pink, and white.


All photos courtesy of Identi-Tape

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