Chakra Hoops

Chakras are the sacred centers within that carry us on our journey toward greater awareness and aliveness. They provide an important map for our wholeness and transformation. As an ancient spiritual system, their function is to vitalize the physical body and to bring about the development of our consciousness.
Chakras are our energy centers. They allow our life energy to flow into and out of our aura. This means that each chakra is not only associated with our physical health but also controls aspects connected to our emotional, mental and our belief systems. We believe that the movement of the hoop around our bodies echoes the movement of chakra energies. With these things in mind, we have created our Charka Hoops.

Color is powerful, healing and fun. The decorative tapes on our hoops provide weight and grip as well as bright color. Each Chakra Hoop is taped with two rows of glitter tape for extra eye popping sparkle and one row of gaffer tape for grip.

To help balance a chakra use the corresponding Chakra Hoop, whether on an emotional, intellectual, physical or spiritual level, you can bring in that chakra (color) vibration, which resonates at the same frequency. Or, just pick the one that calls to you.

Knowledge of color symbolism and the colors associated with different chakras can be used to bring more meaning and depth into your hoop practice. A brief description of the chakras and their associated colors follows. While there is much more information available on the relationship between color, healing and the chakras, here is a very brief overview of the chakras, their Sanskrit name, location, color correspondence, and characteristics.

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