Signature Mini Hoops


Our mini hoops are a set of two matching mini hoops made for poi-style hooping on your hands. They are made from lightweight 3/4″ PolyPro tubing.



Signature Mini Hoops

Mini Hoops are designed for Poi style hooping or off body hooping. Sacred Shape’s minis are made 19″ with 3/4″ PolyPro or Hdpe tubing

We offer many ways to customize our dance hoops, fire hoops, and kids’ hoops, but if you want something you don’t see available, please contact us and we will see what we can do to create the hoop of your dreams!

See Choosing a Hoop for help deciding on hoop sizes and options, and our Hoop Maintenance tips to learn how to keep your hoop in great shape.


Tape Options

Bareback, Black Magic, Firescale, Flame, Nom Nom, Peruvian Summer, Sapphire, Sea, Sugar Plum, Sprite, Vader