Launch Party Fire Performance

We had a wonderful launch party for the web site at the end of September here on the Mendocino Coast, and the highlight of the evening was our fun fire performance! But somehow we forgot to post the video of the performance on the site until now; it’s been a busy fall! Here is the video of the entire show (unedited) for you to relive the magic (or see for the first time if you missed the party)!

Thank you to all the performers: Brian Browning and Mike Kerr spinning fire rope (a custom Sacred Shape creation!), Megan Prusynski spinning fire flow wand, James (Flicker) Humecky spinning fire poi, and Kelsie Hubik and Megan spinning Sacred Shape fire hoops. We all worked hard on planning and practicing for this show, and we’re very grateful for all our local friends and supporters who came out to cheer us on and participate in the party. It was quite the shindig! We may just have to throw another one sometime!

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