Traveling with Hoops


It’s easy to pile your hoops in the trunk or the back seat to go to a local spin jam or festival, but what about bringing the hoop love with you when you fly? I went to Envision Festival in Costa Rica recently and explored Costa Rica and Nicaragua for a month – there was no way I could be gone for a month without a hoop and no way I could resist spinning fire on the beach at my first international festival. Collapsible travel hoops to the rescue!

I took a Sacred Shape ProLight Fire Hoop in a long, narrow yoga mat bag along with a tube full of flow wands as a carry on for my flights to and from Central America. The bag strapped on to the side of my pack while we traveled around and I put the removable flexi spine wicks┬áin a plastic bag inside my checked bag. Just in case, I put a card with them showing me spinning and a note saying that these were performance props and that the wicks had no fuel in them and were not flammable. Other than the TSA being a little confused about what the hell an LED flow wand even was (they declined my offer to demonstrate), I had no issues traveling with my spinning props. Everyone knows what a hula hoop is, the circle is universal! Kids in Nicaragua call it “hula hula” just like the kids in Peru did when I brought hoops there in 2010.

The hoop came with me to a waterfall swimming hole in Uvita, we spun fire at sunset on the beach at Envision Festival and put on little fire shows for locals and friends on the beaches of Nicaragua. We even met a few local spinners, and our new hooper friend Saffron got to spin fire for the first time with my Sacred Shape fire hoop! We spun glow at a benefit party, had a spin jam in the yard with new friends in Managua, and let street kids try our props while wandering the streets of Granada. We were even invited back to teach flow arts to kids in Managua! Everywhere we went, people who saw me hooping or tried the hoop left with a smile on their face, and hopefully a few seeds of flow were planted along the journey. We hope to return as soon as we can to teach flow arts, donate props, and spread the love of flow around the world!

Saffron Fire Hooping for the First Time in Nicaragua

Sacred Shape’s dance and fire hoops make traveling easy: they break into three (Triad) or four (Quad) pieces with push-button connectors and re-assemble in seconds. The pieces can be tied together with straps, ribbon, or rubber bands at the ends or carried in a yoga mat bag. You can also use a long strap or scarf as a carrying strap for the hoop pieces by tying one end of the fabric to each end of the hoop pieces. They’re light, so carrying multiple hoops isn’t a problem. And all fire hoops are made with removable wicks so you can bring one hoop but use it for day or night time spinning! Now there is no excuse not to bring a hoop everywhere you go!

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